Orenair Tupolev Tu‑134A‑3 RA‑65090

Civil aviation profile prints. 
Available prints options: 
Design / Dark Theme / Plain background; 
Size Panorama (914×305 mm / 36"×12"); 
Size Standard (610×305 mm / 24"×12"). 

Tupolev Tu-134A-3 Orenair

Registration: RA-65090
Type: 134А-3
Engines: 2 × D-30-II
Serial Number: 43-09
First flight: 1977

Orenburg Airlines or JSC Orenair was a Russian airline with its head office on the property of Orenburg Tsentralny Airport in Orenburg. It operated domestic passenger services and inclusive tour charters, as well as aerial work and special flights. Its main base was Orenburg Tsentralny Airport and Moscow Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports. The airline was formed from the Aeroflot Orenburg Division, which was established in 1932. In 1992 it began to operate under the name Orenair. It was the first Russian domestic airline to introduce a hub system of connecting flights in Orenburg, and providing a full range of services to transfer passengers by introducing through fares for air tickets.
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