Contour Aviation Embraer 135 N16501

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Embraer 135 Contour Aviation

Registration: N16501
Type: ERJ-135ER
Engines: 2 × AN AE3007A1/3
Serial Number: 145145
First flight: 1999

Contour Aviation is a multifaceted aviation services company based in Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. It started operations in 1982 as an on-demand charter service for passengers and freight in the southern United States. Contour Aviation is the parent company of Contour Airlines, which provides scheduled domestic service as a regional airline. All Contour Airlines flights are public charters sold and operated by parent company Contour Aviation as a direct carrier. Contour began service on March 22, 2016, completing its inaugural flight from Nashville to Tupelo, Mississippi. Since then, Contour has expanded to 28 destinations nationwide, focusing on providing key business and leisure markets previously underserved with nonstop short-haul routes.