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Due to the complete blocking of payment systems in Russia, no payments are made from outside. The only way to buy these posters from outside Russia is to make a payment via a private link from my intermediary through a payment service (any bank cards are accepted, a service fee is charged). I understand that you may have doubts about your protection of the buyer. As an argument, I can say that my business is more than 7 years old. Over the years, I have drawn more than 700 posters and sold more than 2 thousand prints. Including 30 prints have already been sent to customers in the last 2 months. And I have absolutely no interest in losing all this for a one-time payment, even a very large one. To make a purchase, select the poster(s) on my store, fill in all the fields in the shopping cart correctly and tick the last field "Request a payment link via". I will receive all data about your order and take you a payment link by email. After paying, I will ship your parcel and provide a track code.
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