Desert Air Douglas DC‑3 N44587

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Douglas DC-3 Desert Air

Registration: N44587
Named: Captain Dan Cloud
Type: DC-3C
Engines: 2 × PW R-1830-90D
Serial Number: 12857
First flight: 1943

DesertAir is a cargo charter airline for rural areas of Alaska. The airline is based in Anchorage out of Ted Stevens International Airport. It was founded in the 1990s, in Utah, and was initially engaged in the delivery of auto parts across the United States and Canada. Since 2001, the company has been based at Anchorage International Airport, and performs year-round charter air cargo transportation to more than 200 settlements throughout Alaska. The company's fleet consists of the legendary Douglas DC-3 aircraft. These aircraft have a large payload capacity, wide cargo doors and are able to take off and land on small dirt and gravel strips with a length of only 2,800 ft (855 m). In the conditions of Alaska, it is still an indispensable aircraft.
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