UPS Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-8-73CF N866UP

Civil aviation profile prints. 
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Size Panorama (914×305 mm / 36"×12"); 
Size Standard (610×305 mm / 24"×12"). 

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-73CF UPS Airlines

Registration: N866UP
Type: DC-8-73CF
Engines: 4 × CFMI CFM56-2C1
Serial Number: 45966
First flight: Aug 1968

UPS Airlines is a cargo airline. The fourth-largest cargo airline worldwide (in terms of freight volume flown). In 1980, UPS opened its first major hub for sorting packages transported by aircraft, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Located at the westernmost point of the Eastern time zone, Louisville is accessible across the majority of the contiguous United States in less than three hours. Through its contractors, UPS flew its packages using a fleet of commercial aircraft converted to freighters, including Boeing 727s, Douglas DC-8s, and Boeing 747s.
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