Miami Air International Boeing 737‑800 N749MA

Civil aviation profile prints. 
Available prints options: 
Design / Dark Theme / Plain background; 
Size Panorama (914×305 mm / 36"×12"); 
Size Standard (610×305 mm / 24"×12"). 

Boeing 737-800 Miami Air International

Registration: N749MA
Named: Sheila
Type: 737-8HX
Engines: 2 × CFMI CFM56-7B27
Serial Number: 36434
First flight: Aug 8, 2008

Miami Air International was an American charter airline based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It operated worldwide passenger charter flights for diverse groups including cruise operators, professional sports teams and the United States military. It was based at Miami International Airport. Miami Air's customers included incentive groups, sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, major cruise lines, entertainers, political candidates and the United States government. Under the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program, Miami Air was contracted by the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command (USAF AMC) for transporting troops and cargo.
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