Air Italy Boeing 767‑300 I‑AIGG

Civil aviation profile prints. 
Available prints options: 
Design / Dark Theme / Plain background; 
Size Panorama (914×305 mm / 36"×12"); 
Size Standard (610×305 mm / 24"×12"). 

Boeing 767-300 Air Italy

Registration: I-AIGG
Type: 767-304ER
Engines: 2 × GE CF6-80C2B7F
Serial Number: 28041
First flight: May 10, 1996

Air Italy was a privately owned Italian airline, headquartered in Olbia, Sardinia. Air Italy was established on 19 February 2018. A press conference in Milan announced that Meridiana and its subsidiary, the original Air Italy, would be merged to create the new Air Italy. The focus of the company was to introduce a stable new Italian airline which could become the flagship carrier of Italy. In 2019, the company was the second largest airline in Italy, behind Italian flag carrier Alitalia, and the 40th largest in Europe by number of passengers in 2019.
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