Aviaposter is an online store of airliners profile prints. Gift idea for pilots.

About us

and about our posters

Welcome! My name is Alexey, I am the co-founder and artist of the project “Aviaposter.com ”. This project is the result of my passion for aviation, dreams of the sky and passion for aircrafts. Having many years of experience as an artist in book and magazine publishing houses, I managed to hone my skills and create my unique style of aviation drawing.

During the period of life changes, I had to start everything from scratch in a new place unfamiliar to me. My wife Svetlana was with me, and she gave me the direction to search. "Do what makes your heart sing," she quoted the sage, and I realized what I should devote my time and energy to.

So I found my vocation and began to engage in creativity, which inspires me every minute. Svetlana took over all the work of organization and management, freeing me from routine and allowing me to fully immerse myself in the creative process. As a result, our project has become unique and well-known in many countries due to its originality and the high quality of our product and service. The evidence of this is the numerous thanks of our customers, many of whom are permanent.
"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
Luciano De Crescenzo

About posters

Printing, sizes, types of backgrounds

All posters are printed by laser printing on special high-quality semi-gloss photo paper. This paper incorporates latest silver halide emulsion technology, coupler technology and layer design technology to deliver enhanced color reproduction, white purity, image stability and handling of the photo.

High-quality printing

Aviaposter, Posters Sizes



610 × 305 mm
24 × 12 in
914 × 305 mm
36 × 12 in
We offer you two sizes for each poster, according to the requirements of photographic standards


Aviaposter. Three types of background for each poster
Everyone has their own preferences, their own ideas about beauty. The image of the same aircraft can serve different purposes. For a pilot, this is a memorable moment from his flight biography, for aviation lovers it is an interior decoration or another copy in the collection. And it's also a great gift for an aviator.

In order for the posters to match the preferences of a larger audience, we give you the opportunity to choose an image of an airplane on a plain white background, on a dark background or on a background consisting of a photo collage.
Frames not Included


Aviaposter Plain background of the poster

Plain Background

Plain background. This is a simple white background for lovers of minimalism. No unnecessary details distracting attention from the main object of the poster – the plane. I didn't invent anything new, it's a classic.
Aviaposter. Dark Theme Background

Dark Theme

Dark theme. An airplane on a dark background is the choice of aesthetes. Maximum contrast, original appearance. Framed in a metal baguette, it will fit well into the interior of the high-tech style. The idea of a dark background was suggested to us by one of our clients and quickly gained popularity. We tried this option and saw that it looks solemn and solid. This is a relatively new option in our project, so not all previously released posters are presented in a dark theme. This work is carried out according to your requests.
Рамки в комплект поставки не входят
Aviaposter. Design Background

Design Background

Design background. The plane is on the background of a photo collage. The image is directly related to this aircraft. Each poster has its own unique background, which I sometimes make up of dozens of photos. This is a unique feature of our posters.
Frames not Included
Unboxing Poster
Video recording of unboxing the poster from our buyer, Roy (2020)

Customer Reviews

Frames not Included

In the world there is nothing permanent and we also do not stand still. Regulars of the Aviaposter site have long noticed old posters are sometimes updated. It's just we try as much as I can to track changes in airline fleets, changes in livery and aircraft equipment, and make appropriate changes in the posters.


Aviaposter. Updating posters. Old version
Aviaposter. Updating posters. New Version

In addition, we also develop in our creativity. We update the poster design standards and come up with new drawing techniques. And so we are constantly updating our posters to offer you a better product.

Stay tuned for our updates. We work very hard even when you are asleep, so new posters often appear on the site and old ones are updated.

Customer Reviews

Frames not Included
Aviaposter is an online store of airliners profile prints. Gift idea for pilots.
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