Frequently Asked Questions

What size posters do you offer?
Standard sizes of posters available in the online store: 60x30 cm (24"x12") and 90x30 cm (36"x12") with a physical resolution of 320 dpi.

When printing on a photo printer, the smallest details and all the thin lines are discernible. You can consider under the magnifying glass.
Do you make a posters in the framework?
No, I do not make a framework for posters, because there are many kinds of baguette and it's impossible to please everyone. In addition, the delivery becomes more complicated and expensive. You can contact the nearest Framing Workshop where you will make a frame with passepartout or without one for your poster of the right size and style.
I want to order my original text on the poster, write about me. About the memorable event associated with this aircraft. Is this possible? How to do it?
Yes, it is possible. I can change any poster or draw a new one so that it will contain your individual text. You write me your text in any language. Then I make a poster layout and send it to you for approval. After agreeing all the details and payment, I print the poster in the lab and send it to you. There is a small condition: I am not responsible for literacy and correctness of your text, I just copy it (unfortunately I can't know all languages of the world). Be careful, after approval of the layout and printing of the poster claims will not be accepted.
I can't find the plane desired brand. When will it be available?
For a poster with an airplane, first I must draw a model template. Some models are painted already, others are not. It all depends on which brands are ordered more often. The list of available models, and the creation of new templates, see here. If you did not find the model you want, write me. The more orders will be for the your aircraft, the more likely it is to be queued.
I have not found in your store poster. Where to look for it?
In our store we publish posters that were previously ordered by other people. You can use the search function throughout the store, or by highlighting the part of the world (in the column on the left) that is relevant to you. If you still haven't found the poster you need, then no one has ever ordered it yet. Write to us and make your own order.
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