Privacy Policy

1. What information do we collect?

4. How do we communicate with your site visitors?

5. How can you withdraw their consent?

We receive, collect and store any information that you provide when filling out a shopping cart or application form on our website, or provide us in any other way:
First and last name, email address, delivery address, including zip code and phone number.

We will definitely contact you if we find your abandoned shopping cart or receive your purchase request.
If, when filling out the shopping cart, you have marked an item with a request to send you a payment link, we will send it by reply email. Since such emails often end up in the spam folder, please check it regularly. We also ask you to respond to our emails, even if your answer is negative and you have changed your mind. This will give us an opportunity to understand that the email has been read by you.

If you don’t want us to process your data anymore, please contact us at [] or send us mail to: [Aleksey Rubtsov, st. Zeleny Gorodok, 17-48, gp. Udelnaya, Ramensky district, Moscow area, 140140, Russian Federation].

2. How do we use the information we receive?

We use your email address to write you a reply email confirming or clarifying your order.
We use your name to contact you in writing.
We use your shipping address to send parcels, so we ask you to enter it without errors to avoid confusion during delivery.
We store the history of your purchases to have information about your preferences.

3. Do we collect your payment information?

Since direct payments on our website are not possible from outside Russia, we do not receive nothing your payment data, including your bank card and account details. The payment service receives them when you specify this when paying.

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