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Due to the complete blocking of payment systems in Russia, no payments are made from outside. The only way to buy these posters from outside Russia is to make a payment via a private link from my reliable intermediary through a payment service Revolut.me (any bank cards are accepted, a service fee is charged).
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I understand you may have doubts about your protection of the buyer. As an argument, I can say that my business is more than 7 years old. Over the years, I have drawn more than 700 posters and sold more than 2 thousand prints. Including more than 50 prints have already been sent under this scheme to various customers over the past 3 months around the world. I have absolutely no interest in losing all this for a one-time payment, even a very large one.
To make a purchase, select the poster(s) on my store, fill in all the fields in the shopping cart correctly and tick the last field "Request a payment link via Revolut.me". I will receive all data about your order and take you a payment link by email. After paying, I will ship your parcel and provide a track code.
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We ship our posters worldwide using government postal operators in all countries. The cost of such delivery is included in the price of the poster. However, this type of delivery does not imply a guarantee of timing, especially during difficult times such as now.

Currently, due to delays and restrictions in air travel between countries, the delivery time has been increased and it is not in our power to change this. Therefore, we immediately warn you that it is very unwise to expect any deadlines. The only thing we can guarantee for sure is that you will receive your order without fail.

In addition, delivery to some countries is not yet possible, or is possible through an intermediary point (in Cyprus). You can clarify these and other questions by personal correspondence.

After receiving the payment, we always write a confirmation letter about the fact of receipt of money. Therefore, we ask you to check the spam folder to avoid getting our emails there. We always send the second email after sending the parcel. This email contains a tracking code for tracking the parcel.

We would also like to tell you about the parcel tracking procedure. You can track parcels by track number on any website that provides this service (for example: https://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking/). This may be the site of your state postal operator, for example in the US this is USPS.com.

Postal operators in some countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, do not provide a tracking service for regular parcels on their territory. Using the track number that we give you, you can track the parcel only to the border of the Russian Federation. However, a mark in the tracker "the parcel has been transferred to the destination country" does not mean that the parcel has crossed the border. However, the parcel have already been transferred from the jurisdiction of the postal service to the jurisdiction of the carrier. Often, the parcels sent earlier were stored in the transit zone and end up on Board the plane much later. This is probably because any blockage of parcels is always sorted out from above. We observe that some parcels reach the same country several times faster than others. We have not found a logical explanation for this. Apparently, it depends on how you are lucky.

A few words about packing your posters to send.
Parcels containing up to six posters are a triangular prism-tube made of corrugated cardboard. We chose this form for the greatest rigidity, allowing you to keep the poster inside from crumpling. And at the airport, the movers will not be able to put anything on top of such a box. Previously, we just rolled up the poster and wrapped it in bubble wrap for protection. However, this did not ensure safety and if the box was severely damaged, the poster received creases. Now we have found a solution and wrap the poster on a foam cylinder, this allows you to avoid deformation in the event of compression of the roll. When you receive the parcel, you need to carefully remove the roll from the corrugated box, remove the bubble wrap and unfold the roll. This should be done with clean, dry hands, since the poster is essentially a large photo. You can see an example of unpacking a parcel here.

Separately, I want to add that posters that were delivered for a long time should be unfolded especially carefully, since they could learn the folded form. Therefore, you need to give them time to return to a flat state. To do this, just leave them on a flat table out of the reach of children and animals.

Russian Post

Free shipping is done by Joint Stock Company "Russian Post"


About the features of delivery in 2023

Due to the difficult political situation in the world, postal services have imposed various restrictions on receiving parcels from abroad. I can only see which countries are completely closed to receive mail from my country. I can only judge the restrictions and the actual speed of delivery by my own experience of sending parcels.

I drew a map of the world for you. On it, I marked the countries where we can deliver our posters. The map is updated as information comes in, which I receive in real time from our postal service.

Those zones that are colored red may have a chance of delivery through an intermediate point. This will require additional costs for double forwarding. We can find out such details on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery Map

Update: 7 February 2023

Delivery Map. Aviaposter is an online store of airliners profile prints. Gift idea for pilots.

I want to share my experience of shipping to countries where there is no delivery from my country. The customer orders delivery to their relatives, friends, colleagues in the countries where our parcels are delivered without restrictions. They, in turn, forward the package to the addressee through their own channels. This method works well. In this way, we delivered many packages to Latin American countries. Most of the shipping is done via the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Frames not Included
Thanks the poster is awesome.
The quality of the prints are spot on.
Daniel, 2019

Storage of Prints

Temperature and humidity control is the most important key to minimizing the change that occurs in prints. Prints stored away from direct sunlight under the following conditions may be expected to show almost no change over time.

Storage of Prints. Aviaposter is an online store of airliners profile prints. Gift idea for pilots.

Even during normal storage, it is recommended that prints be stored at a place as free as possible from hot and humid conditions, and away from direct illumination.

Undesirable storage conditions:
1. Storage in a room near a wall exposed to cold outside air (which may cause condensation).
2. Storage in a place near the ceiling where there can be a high temperature.


Posters are printed and shipped to the customer within 5 business days after the payment has arrived.

When an individually designed aviation poster is ordered, the design must get approved before it can be printed, so the deadline is agreed upon individually.

Customer Reviews

Frames not Included
I wanted to let you know that I received my posters of the Sun Country 737 and Envoy Air 145. They are in excellent condition and the shipping worked perfectly in protecting them. I am very happy and thank you for everything.
Janos, 2021
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